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Pregnancy is a time of immense change and every mother can use help with planning for a healthy pregnancy, birth, and beyond. Getting ready for a new baby includes exciting yet serious lifestyle changes. WFSI, helps pregnant women get the support and services they need to have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

What We Do

Prenatal Care Coordination

 Prenatal Care Coordination services provide expectant mothers with:

· Help getting needed health care you and your baby needs 

· Personal support just for mommy 

· Information on nutrition and health issues vital to a healthy pregnancy, and 

· Information and help finding needed services in your community for you and your family

Pregnancy Health

Prenatal visits are encouraged during the developmental stages of your baby. We take the time to address your physical and emotional needs to ensure that your prenatal experience is one that you'll enjoy. Services during your visit can include assessments, resource coordination, nutritional counseling, and really addressing concerns.

Postpartum and Newborn Care

To ensure that you receive the best possible care for you and your newborn baby, our team will stay in close contact with you after your birth to provide support and answer any questions you may have. All of these services can be provided to you in the comfort of your home. Our goal is to stay connected with you for a healthy development, and healthy parent to child relationship.

Child Care Coordination

The goals of Child Care Coordination is to promote positive parenting, improve child health outcomes, and prevent child abuse and neglect. The main objectives for obtaining these goals include the following: 

· Improving family functioning. 

· Improving parenting skills and positive parenting outcomes. 

· Increasing recipient’s understanding of infant and child development. 

· Increasing recipient’s access to and appropriate use of the health care delivery systems.

Our Team

Care Coordinators

Health Nutrition Counseling

Qualified Professionals

 Care Coordinators are the professional representatives that come to your home to provide services to you. They will do your enrollment and follow up each month to make sure you are receiving the quality care you need. 

Qualified Professionals

Health Nutrition Counseling

Qualified Professionals

 Our qualified professionals are our experts. Your Care Coordinator will work with them to ensure we provide you the best resources based on your needs.  

Health Nutrition Counseling

Health Nutrition Counseling

Health Nutrition Counseling

 Our health and nutrition counselors will assist members with a low or high BMI. Making sure that mother and baby are indeed getting the proper nutrients to promote a healthy and happy lifestyle.  

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